About Us

About Us

Lumlight is founded by a group of experts and researchers with more than fifteen-year experiences in OLED display and material fields. Moreover, we have developed an in-line evaporation equipment for 200mm x 200mm in-house OLED lighting panels.

Lumlight is capable of supplying the products and technical services :

  • OLED lighting parts and materials
  • OLED lighting panels and luminaires
  • OLED lighting life test system
  • World-class turnkey totally solutions for in-line evaporation equipment and technical process services.


By using self-developed key patented materials and process technology, Lumlight has successfully manufactured OLED lighting panels in a 200mm x 200mm production line, and a 370mm x 470mm production line is also planning in the near future. Furthermore, Lumlight also dedicates the effort to the research of flexible OLED, a high-performance OLED on a thin polyimide film has been successfully demonstrated. We also believe that the flexible OLED can extensively enlarge the design and application of OLED lighting for many various surroundings and atmospheres.


Innovation of lighting systems from Lumlight helps people feel comfortable, convenient and safe in any environment. Besides, OLED lighting systems produce less CO2 emissions, pollutants, and heat sources. Lumlight focuses on the balance between humans and the environment, and also explores a new lighting experience in daily life. 


Lumlight OLED Lighting Products and Services

Parts & Material

  • Find accessories & parts for your OLED lighting device.
  • Discover unique patented OLED materials

Panel & Luminaires

  • Obtain panel for your lights module design.
  • Bring you a whole new imagination of Lights.

Life Tester

  • Have a customized and user-friendly OLED lifetime testing system.

In-Line Equipment

  • Set up an efficient in-line OLED device evaporation system for less takt time.

Meet The Team

Mr. Feng-Wen YEN

Mr. Yen is Founder and CEO of Lumtec Lighting Corp. since 2015 and Luminescence Technology Corp. since 2001. He is also the Chairman of these two Boards of Directors. Mr. Yen has worked in OLED material & display technologies, as well as material & device for organic electronics over three decades. This has included being as a Research Fellow for four years, a Principal Investigator for three years, and a Project Manager for two years in Materials and Chemical Laboratories at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. Mr. Yen is also the inventor of over 100 patents. 

Mr. Cheng-Hao CHANG

Mr. Chang is Vice General Manager of Lumtec Lighting Corp. He joined Luminescence Technology Corp. since 2002. Mr. Chang has been engaged in OLED material, OLED evaporation equipment, OLED lighting panel and factory management over 15 years. Mr. Chang is the inventor of about 20 patents. He was also a Project Manager in several National Research Programs. Mr. Chang holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering from National Taipei University of Technology.   

Mr. Ching-Ian CHAO, PhD

Dr. Chao is Director of R&D department at Lumtec Lighting Corp. He has worked extensively in the development of OLED and display technologies over the past two decades. This has included OLED device R&D at Industrial Technology Research Institute, AMOLED design and manufacturing at AUO. Dr. Chao holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University. He is also the inventor of about 70 patents related to OLED structure, material, encapsulation, pixel design, driving scheme, etc.

Ms. Chao-Yu CHIU

Ms. Chiu is Director of Technical Service at Lumtec Lighting Corp. and co-founder of Luminescence Technology Corp. She has over 25 years of experience in synthesis and analysis of organic electronic material. This includes her time in Materials and Chemical Laboratories at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. Ms. Chiu was also a Project Investigator in several National Research Programs. She earned a Master's Degree in Chemistry at National Taiwan University.

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Flexible OLED Panel (size: 100mm X 100mm)
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