OLED Lighting Life Tester

OLED Lighting Device Lifetime Test System (LIFE020S01)


Characteristic of Function

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly application interface
  • Individual test channel: each test channel is individual and not influence by the other if anyone becomes dysfunctional
  • Customized design of testing adaptor with I/0 connectors to the platform: the adaptor and connector can be customized according to device drawing and positioning.

Test Functions

  • Luminescence measurement under continuous OLED lighting condition
  • Customized and editable report format (the user can design and customize test report with the information of voltage, currently, luminescence, life decay percentage, etc.)
  • Customized and editable testing module (the user can set up initial value, spacing value, and termination value.  The system will automatically run test according to the customized setting and save the file accordingly.  The graphic and testing files are compatible to Excel format).
  • Current compensatory adjustment: when power supply is unstable and the current becomes floating, the system can implement current compensatory adjustment calculation according to luminescence set-up
  • Luminescence compensatory adjustment: the user can set up compensatory adjustment factors according to the initial and terminal luminescence values and the system can automatically implement adjustment calculation and save the data 
Lumlight Video
Flexible OLED Panel (size: 100mm X 100mm)
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